Diana Kasmin

 06 June
 8005 130th Street, Roseland
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 Diana Kasmin
The 'Kasmin Kottage' (8005 130th Street - the road to the Landfill) in Roseland - WILL be having an AWESOME 'multi family' yard sale on Saturday, June 6th from 8am (ish) till - ??? Lots of MAJOR downsizing - furniture to 'little stuff'. . I have several folks that will be participating - any of you that would like to join us. . . please let me know. . I'll be starting to post this in the Roseland Post Office soon - so if you have anything that you'd like me to add to this to help you sell your items, please let me know. . . It IS a lot of work but it'll be such fun day - can't wait!! This will be the only yard sale till at least September. . . any questions or whatever, please private message me. . . we'll have such a fun day - hopefully it's not too hot:((

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