Diamond Burst Band & Taken by Storm -The Bruch Brothers - Lucerne (CH)

 30 May
 The Bruch Brothers
 Baselstr. 7 - 6003 - Lucerne - Switzerland
 Diamond Burst Band
DIAMOND BURST BAND http://diamondburstband.wix.com/diamondburstband A Power Rock / R'n'B Cover Band ! Timmy Schenk (Vocals - Guitars) Donn Torres (Bass - Backing Vocals) Aleksandar Mitrovic (Guitars - Backing Vocals) Hedi Black (Drums) plays Aerosmith Adèle Wilson Pickett Prince Robert Palmer HIM System of Down and many more !!! Audio and Vidéos http://diamondburstband.wix.com/diamondburstband#!media/c1ru6 Youtube : DIAMOND BURST BAND (Surrounders) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FtdsfvvL-8 JIMMY HENDRIX (Purple Haze) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VdebFdzUfA ------------------------ TAKEN BY STORM TAKEN BY STORM is primarily a story of chance encounters with artists sharing the same passion for music. For the past three years the group has been writing songs for their new album while successfully performing on the biggest European stages as the Nirvana tribute group Smells Like K. Spirit. The group has played at prestigious venues like the Olympia in Paris, the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the Belgrade Beerfest (120,000 spectators) in Serbia, the Fetes de Geneve in Switzerland, the Galaxie Amneville in France, and many other major cities and important theaters in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Switzerland Strengthened by their “LIVE” performance experience, they work together perfectly as musicians and therefore decided to create a new group TAKEN BY STORM. Their friendship, built both on the road and on international stages, enabled them to start a new musical adventure with a solid foundation. With a casual look and edgy sensitivity, Timmy Storm is the voice and guitarist for TAKEN BY STORM! On the bass is Donn Torres, multi-talented California musician who, in his long career, has had the opportunity to rub shoulders with great artists from the US and Europe. Hedi Black, experienced artist and in many cases the tireless leader of the group, lends himself to the role of the drummer. Alex Sanders, European's greatest guitar player joined the band on nov. 2014. With these four dynamic artists the group is ready for takeoff ! TAKEN BY STORM: www.takenbystormband.com Powerful classic rock influenced by the music of the 60s-70s mixed with a recognizable voice and a positive attitude exploding on stage ... this is the identity and signature sound of the band !

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