27 May
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 Obed Oppong Kwarteng
Destination Ghana Summit 2015 has been established as an annual RECRUITMENT and INVESTMENT Summit organized by WAVES International, Star 100 UK and JCI Ghana to inspire investor confidence in the economies across the West Africa sub-region and to engage Africans living in the Diaspora to explore various means of them contributing to the socio-economic development of their respective countries . The summit brand name (DESTINATION GH SUMMIT) was chosen carefully with emphasis on Ghana as the gateway to other African Countries across the West because of its stable democratic dispensation. Through Ghana, investors could have easy access to Africa’s biggest economy Nigeria and other emerging economies like Cote D’voire, Mali, Burkina-Faso among others. The 2015 summit through a survey would focus on four thematic areas which has great investment potentials in the sub-region: Energy: Opportunities which exist in the energy sector in the sub-region is so enormous. Currently, there are opportunities in acquisition of Oil blocks, generation of power to service the increasing industrial demand, energy efficiency and power distribution services, infrastructural development in the Gas sector among others . Agriculture: Africa is said to have the most nutritious land area for agriculture but yet is unable to feed its populace. This sector has been left with great opportunities in food production and security, machinery, agro chemicals among others. Information Technology: The growth of this sector in the West African Economy has been very steady. There are great opportunities in developing cashless society for countries in the region and other services. Currently many countries are considering opening their telecommunication sector for more competitors to operate Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s). The sub-region presents great investment opportunities for investors to get value for their investment through very favorable government policies with tax exemptions. Finance: The financial sector in the sub-region has endless opportunities. As developing economies, the biggest challenge of SME’s in the sub-region is funding. Per our research, financial sectors in the sub-region have endless opportunities in banking, insurance, securities, and investment among others.

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