Der Marsch der Bärin

 05 June
 Villach, Austria
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 The Way of the Wild
The march of the bear Ta Medvedka Pohod La Marcia di Orsa 05. - 07. 06. 2015 Clearing of Route and Reststops at 17. 05. 2015 Walk through 3 countries (AT, SI, IT) about 50-100 km (and if needed a less than 50km version from reststop 2 reststop :-) ), ca 48 h: Freistitz (AT) - Travis (IT) Kranjska Gora (SI) - Faak am See (AT) To finish this experience with some good music, food and laughters in a caring atmosphere (and after a good warm shower), please bring your instruments, hands and feet, good mood and of course yourself! WHO has the Resources & Skills to help us make it possible? - Hiking knowledge about the area/paths - How to solve the map issue for all participants - Who wants to promote, please do so! We would love an international trip. - Organizing food-sponsors and water cans - Cars to offer water and snacks at two or three refreshingpoints throughout the walk and transport stuff - A Place to finish our experience: a meadow to camp, little part of a forest, or just a place where we can make a little fire or gather somewhere warm in the evening, so the exhausted ones stay healthy! - Camping showers, fire-bowl, pots, grill, tents, something to sit, to eat, logistics, etc. - MUSIC and GOOD MOOD Costs: Sharing welcome! If you can contribute, there is a minimum of 10 Euro per person. If you cannot contribute, it‘s free for you. Certificate of the Walk of the Bearess. see also:

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