Dental braces for Alexandra my daughter

 31 May
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 Madalina Cristea
We managed to raise 930 euro from the 1200 that are necesary ,thank you all so much ! Bags for sell , I need the money for my daughter,s dental braces !!! I know that i i am supose to plead only for the dogs but this time the cost is killing us ,the price is between 1000 -1200 euros ,this is the lower price i could get ,the metal braces is not good for her coz is fix ,she needs a mobile one coz she is growing ,we can not aforrd this price and we realy are desperate ! geanta dama GENUINE LEATHER 100 ron-22.5 euros Geanta Dama Model lucrat manual nou... 200 ron genta originala -45 euros DKNY noua cu eticheta pe ea 400 ron-95 euros geanta KENNETH COLE Originala din piele 150 ron-34 euros geanta de umar de dama 70 ron -15 euros portfard nou model deosebit 50 ron- 12 e I will post more products to sell so i manage to gather the money paypal

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