Demonstration of Mediumship

 18 May
 Robin Hood Inn, Ford Green Rd., Norton, Stoke on Trent, Staffs ST6 8LS
  - - -
 Patrick Hutchinson
Demonstration of Mediumship to give proof and evidence that the Spirit World exists around you. Patrick is very highly respected in this field and has won National Awards as a Spiritual Medium. He was also brought to the world's attention by unearthing a paedophile at one of his shows resulting in this man being sent to jail for five years for his offences against children. Don't miss your chance to see this amazing man and witness for yourself his unique gift. Patrick has been hailed as Britain’s most evidential Medium due to the proof he will bring you and things he will know. The evening will be full of laughter and tears and one not to be missed. Check me out on my Facebook Pages or website and see what others are saying. Tickets £10 per person

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