Delusion Inc Break In At Vogue Nightclub-Burnley

 26 May
 Vogue Burnley
 77 Hammerton Street - - Burnley - United Kingdom
 Dillon Hodgson
Like i have previously announced we have some massive news for all the Delusion Inc followers and party goers.The time to let the news be heard is upon us. our news is that we have opted to change venues as we have been offered a place/venue to hold our nights/events at that we couldn't refuse the place is called Vogue Burnley ( if you are unaware of this it use to be Fusion), its the biggest venue in town with the ability to hold 1000+ people so it will be one hell of a party and we plan to fill this venue as we have in all our previous events!! The venue has two massive floors which is equipped with the latest sound systems, lighting, smoke machines, confetti machines and luxury seating areas, dancing stations, dancing poles, bars and a raised dj booth....the club is by far the best around we have had in on our list right at the top but was just a case of building up our attendences so we could fill this place and im sure you all agree we are in a position to do so!!! so lets get this party started!! Check out all the pictures attached which includes features of the club when people are in and when people aren't....PUT IT THIS WAY WE HAVE SMASHED IT, WE HAVE THE BEST AND BIGGEST VENUE WANTING TO HOLD OUR EVENTS SO ROLL ON THE 26TH MAY 2015!! DOORS OPEN AT 7.30PM- LATE WE WILL FILL IT!! HOPE YOUR ALL HAPPY BECAUSE US AT Delusion Inc ARE MORE THAN HAPPY!!! After having a huge amount of positive feedback from the last event we have opted to set a date for the upcoming event so early to make it even bigger and better for all of us.The show Kicks Off at 7.30pm Tuesday 26th May 2015...LOOK FORWARD TOO SEEING THE MASSIVE TURNOUT AGAIN, ITS GUNNA BE A BIG ONE. Vogue is the biggest in town its the old fusion!!!the address is 77 Hammerton street, Burnley, BB11 1LE the event is to start 7.30pm on Tuesday 26th May 2015, the Tuesday after all schools and colleges break up for half term so there in no reason why you cant turn up!! - NEW MASSIVE VENUE AT VOGUE!!!WE HAVE TWO FLOORS TO PARTY WITH THE BIGGEST SPEAKERS AND BEST LIGHT FEATURES AND EFFECTS IN TOWN!! -latest R&B,house,dance and other tunes played by our very own local resident DJ !! -GLOWSTICKs ON SALE FOR £1 -everyone's welcome,no minimum age requirements! doors open at 7.30pm so be there for just before so your ready for the action the night holds.everybody is welcome to one join us in bringing delusion once nightlife to the next level We came back with a bang!!THEN WE MADE AN EVEN BIGGER BANG ON THE TOWN WITH OUR VALENTINES BASH AT HOTSHOTS. so make sure you attend the next party/event of the biggest provider of events as you all know Delusion Inc has held some massive events across the town ranging from Hotshots, Insideout, Kestrel Suite, Barcode, Sugarhouse and now we are hitting the well known and tuned up Hot shots.We took a lot of major time out so we could plan the biggest and best event we are capable of doing and providing, so we are keeping this one short and sweet for you, if you miss it youlll regret it with what is going on at the event. If people can spread the word via by sharing this link or the poster or even the page that will be up and active on Facebook in the next hour then that would be brilliant and would also help bring in the massive crowds and make it packed like mad with the music blaring this will be a night not to miss- --- top music and class atmosphere--- We work with the police and Licencing to ensure the event is managed safely and comply with all legal requirements given to us, We work very close with The police and licencing, this shows by us being in constant contact with both party's making them aware of our future plans and asking if they have any requirements they wish us to perform for the next event to be managed even better and so far after holding events of this sort for 15 Months we haven't had any complaints or issues risen by either.Police are always supporting these events as it gives teenagers a safe, fun and enjoyable place to go attend with there friends and make new friends and they help us manage these events safely by being in attendance at each and everyone we hold.All people Working on the event are CRB checked as well as the door supervisors/security being trained to a very high standard which is noticed in regards to them holding a door supervisor/management badge and there and all our best interests of these events are ensuring a safe place is provided for the attendees s. As with the last event, all bags will be searched and anyone found with alcohol or any other illegal or age-inappropriate substances will have these confiscated and in the case of anyone arriving and being intoxicated, parents/responsible adults will be contacted immediately to ensure the welfare of the young person. Barcode as a venue is not in the business of causing unrest or worry in parents and Delusion Inc is also in full support and abidance with this. :)

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