Deepening Your Understanding of How Life Really Works

 27 May
 Edinburgh, Scotland
  - - Edinburgh - United Kingdom
 Jacquie Forde
Join Elsie Spittle, Chip Chipman and others in this 2 day retreat in Edinburgh , the home of Syd Banks. It will be a very special, rare and unique opportunity to spend time with two of the most profound Three Principles Teachers I have ever been blessed to spend time with, working together in the UK and in Scotland. If you are looking to deepen your understanding of life please join us . In the mid-seventies, Sydney Banks, an ordinary working man born in Edinburgh, Scotland, had an extraordinary spiritual experience that revealed to him Three Principles: Mind, Consciousness and Thought. He knew in that moment of time that these foundational Principles have the power to alleviate humanity’s suffering and open the door to our innate well-being. In Syd’s own words: “Mind is the spiritual energy of all things, whether in form or formless. Consciousness is the gift of awareness. Consciousness allows the recognition of form, form being the expression of Thought. Thought is the missing link that gives us the power to recognize the illusionary separation between the spiritual world and the world of form.” He went on to say: “The wisdom humanity seeks lies within the consciousness of all human beings, trapped and held prisoner by their own personal minds.” That profound enlightenment experience took him beyond his own thinking, allowing him to see the Three Principles that reside within each and every one of us. That is why he was able to convey and articulate his message with such power and certainty. He knew that the Principles he had uncovered were the “missing link” that would help people unearth their own wisdom which would then guide them throughout their lives. He shared this profound message of hope and transformation with the world, stating that these Principles would change the fields of psychology and psychiatry, introducing a new paradigm of mental health rather than the traditional focus on mental illness. This wisdom lies beyond our personal thinking, deep in the recesses of our soul, yet all too often people struggle with the form of their thinking rather than seeing the power we have “to think”. When we stop the endless search of “how do we apply these Principles”, or “how do we fix our thinking”, we will be rewarded with the release of the knowledge that is already within us. This is the gift that Syd offered the world. The result is that everyday miracles continue to unfold as more and more people discover that they too have the power to unlock the wisdom and innate well-being contained within. We invite you to join us for this very special two day session, to deepen your understanding of life .We are honoured to share this precious gift of true knowledge in Edinburgh, Scotland, Syd’s homeland as guests of the Wellbeing Alliance Academy with Jacquie Forde. Sincerely, Elsie Spittle ,Chip Chipman and Jacquie Forde

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