Deep History ~ Advanced Constellation Training with Yishai Gaster

 22 May
 Alive Centre Hampstead
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 Anu Azrael
DEEP HISTORY Moving between order and chaos in Constellations a 3-day Advanced Training in working with wider phenomena in Family Constellation Facillitated By Yishai Gaster (See Event Wall for BIO) 22nd - 24th May 2015 First there is chaos and out of that comes order. 'All time' exists within chaos, both the reality of our deep history and the latent potential of our futures lie hidden in chaos waiting to be unlocked. Order that exists for too long or is too rigid is stifling and brings sickness. A Chaos that never subsides doesn't allow for real growth or progress. I see the process of the Constellation as a movement from a limiting order to an unbearable chaos through which a healing organization is born. Within the unbearable chaos one can touch the deep history to which he or she is connected and influenced by. Family Constellations is an amazing process whereby a system can move through these dimensions looking for deep healing and connection that supports the emergence of our unique potential. In this advance training we will experience different ways of working with chaos in order to facilitate the new emerging and healing order. We will practice connecting to our deep hereditary past, that has influence on specific situations in our lives. The work will be held in the larger group and we will also practice facilitation in smaller groups over the 3-days. Pre-Requisite Primarily this training is for those trained or training in Family Constellation, it is also open to other therapists/health professionals who have attended constellation workshops and wish to learn more about facilitating the work. Cost: £300 (Concessions maybe available) There is limited space so early booking is recommended To Book: Contact me Anu Azrael or msg via facebook Practical Info: Contact me Anu Info on Yishai's approach: You are welcome to ask Yishai about his work, his email is

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