Debate//Is there a God?// Sye Ten Bruggencate vs Dale Claridge

 08 June
 Law and Social Sciences B63
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 Dale Claridge
UNASH the society ever devoted to asking and contemplating the big (and very little) questions is hosting a debate between Sye Ten Bruggencate, a notable Christian Apologist from Canada and Dale Claridge, a Nottingham student. Both sides believe they have a strong position so an exciting battle of knowledge, wits and epistemology is bound to ensue as they battle to settle the issue of the existence of God. UNASH always like to promote thought and constructive discussion, so we intend to have a reasonable amount of time given to an open question session after the debate. We also like to encourage those present to take the discussion to Mooch after. Venue: LASS B63 University of Nottingham, Nottingham Park Campus Date: 8th June Time: 7:30

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