✯✭✯ :: DEAN McPHEE + NICK JONAH DAVIS + C JOYNES :: ✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯✯✭✯

 16 May
 33 Chatsworth Rd
 33 Chatsworth Rd - E5 0LH - London - United Kingdom
 33 Chatsworth Rd
Marking the vinyl release of three hefty solo guitar statements by three of the form’s most expansive proponents, the Dentist presents a Saturday night survey of the contemporary guitar scene in 3 flavours... On Fender Telecaster, valve amplifier and effects pedals :: DEAN McPHEE :: deanmcphee.com ...plays mind manifesting, melodic, echo-laden selections from his forthcoming Hood Faire LP release:- FATIMA”S HAND ✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭ On 6 string Martin acoustic and Weissenborn guitars :: NICK JONAH DAVIS :: nickjonahdavis.com ...spins wordless tales, natural processes and weather systems from his new Lancashire & Somerset LP:- THE HOUSE OF DRAGONS ✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭ On Harmony Stratophone & 1959 Watkins Westminster 14w... :: C JOYNES :: http://cjoynes.tumblr.com ...plays well travelled tunes from his impeccably named Alt-Vinyl release:- 33 CHATSWORTH ROAD (Recorded here in the kitchen at the Dentist by Cam Deas) ✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭✯✭ Licensed bar in the Garden from early (details to follow) http://www.wegottickets.com/event/318841

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