DC Takes Over BachaTu / SalsaTu / KizomTu in the D.R!

 28 May
 BeLive Hotel La Hamaca, Boca Chica
  - - Boca Chica - Dominican Republic
 Ferocity Dance Company
Join Kat Arias in the Dominican Republic as DC TAKES OVER BachaTu ! Please note: YOU HAVE ACCESS TO ALL THREE FESTIVALS WITH PASS PURCHASE That's like THREE festivals for the price of ONE in an absolutely GORGEOUS setting! Let's represent for DC and rock out BACHATA style! -------------------------- *Please NOTE that you must stay in the Be-Live Hamaca hotel to participate in the workshops and pool parties. Also, non-resident Dominicans will have to purchase one of the passes below. For more detailed information visit: http://internationalbachatafestival.com BachaTu is dedicated to raising awareness and appreciation for Bachata, Latin Dance and Dominican Culture around the World and directly giving back to the future of the Dominican Republic via it's children. Prices will go up on the following Dates: January 1st 2015 March 1st 2015 Music Festival Artist Confirmed: Teodoro Reyes Alex Matos Joan Soriano Dance Festival Artist Confirmed: BachaTu Ataca & La Alemana Fausto & Maria La Fuerza Dance Adam Taub Bolivar Alex & Desiree Jorjet Samy El Magico Zeke Ruvalcaba Samy El Magico Carlos Cinta Edwin Ferreras & Daniela Grosso El Tiguere Del Mambo Karim Ammour and many more... SalsaTu Zafire Dance Yamulee Rodrigo & Selene Balmir Dance Company Matthew & Krystal Karel Flores Cadence Dance Company P'Kante and many more... KizombaTu Isabelle & Felicien Morenasso & Anais Kizomba Chick Oscar B.A. Charles Ogar Kizomba Harmony Greg Martin DJ To Costa Kizomba NYC and many more...

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