Day trip to Canterbury on Sat 30 May

 30 May
 Canterbury, United Kingdom
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 Lucie Masopustová
We're going on a day trip to Canterbury on Saturday 30 May! :) Those of you who came on our day trips before to Portsmouth, Bristol, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, Bath, Cambridge and Bournemouth know that our day trips are awesome and you'll see the best of the city and have a great time with lots of wonderful guys and girls aged 18-40! We're going by coach and places are limited to 50. It's £29 each for the return coach trip, and when you RSVP for this event you will need to pay online as we need to book the coach in advance and need to manage numbers. Book your place through our Meetup group here: Book your place now to join us on a fantastic day to Canterbury :) -------------------------------- Info about Canterbury Canterbury's long history started in 0 AD as a Celtic Iron Age settlement. In 43 AD the Romans invaded Britain and took over the settlement for 400 years. They rebuilt it in a grid pattern with a wall around it, a market place in the centre, and temples and public baths. In 597, Pope Gregory the Great sent Augustine to convert the king of Kent to Christianity, and an abbey and cathedral were built in Canterbury. In 1170, the Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered at the cathedral, and pilgrims from all parts of Christendom came to visit his shrine. This pilgrimage provided the framework for Geoffrey Chaucer's 14th-century collection of stories, The Canterbury Tales. From the 16th century, Canterbury became a relatively quiet market town, which had the effect of preserving much of its medieval heritage. By the 20th century, its importance had grown again, as improvements in transport (including the channel tunnel) made it accessible to visitors from the UK and the continent. Canterbury now receives almost 2 million tourists each year. Attractions include Canterbury Cathedral, the Roman Museum, St Martin's Church which is the oldest church in Britain, St Austine's Abbey ruins, the Westgate which is the largest surviving city gate in England, the Norman Canterbury Castle, the city wall which was founded in Roman times, and building which were constructed by the River Stour in the 12th/13th century: Greyfriars, Blackfriars and Eastbridge Hospital. ------------------------------- Join our UK Explorers group on Facebook and Meetup to be invited to our many day trips:

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