Day Skipper and Boatmaster Students 2015 On-Water Evening

 06 June
 Departure from Kerikeri Cruising Club Marina
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 Kerikeri Cruising Club Boating Education
An opportunity for all who have completed Day Skipper and/or Boatmaster in the last few years – a guided familiarisation trip on Coastguard Bay of Islands’ 10.2m Bay Rescue II. It is intended that much of the trip will be done in the dark. If most of your boating has been done during the day, and you’re thinking about operating at night, this may be a good way of getting more confident of your interpretation of navigation lights, and lights displayed by buoys and beacons, from the safety of Bay Rescue II with her fully qualified skippers! Cost $65 per person. Book at the link or call 0508 737 283

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 15 December, Thursday