Day Of Prayer pt.1

 23 May
 Flossie Brunson Park
 1050 Franklin St - - Jacksonville - United States
 Martina Adams
Our Communities are hurting and each of you hold the key to help. Do You Believe In The Power Of Prayer? It’s time for us to tap into the power and authority God has ordained. Our streets are hurting, families are hurting and we must fight back, the answer is prayer. The bible tells us we ought always pray, and what better way than on one accord. The bible tells us, we have not because we ask not so why not ask for our communities to change? Aren’t you tired of the violence? The teen pregnancy? The drugs that destroy our streets? Matthew 18:20 says: “For where two or three are gathered, there I am with them” Let’s get on one accord, let’s change our streets in Jesus name! *Please fast with us in preparation of the day of prayer. Water only from 12am-12pm*

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