Dawson Cross[Fit For Life] Challenge

 23 May
 212 Grogan Drive, Ste 400, Dawsonville, Georgia 30534
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 Dawson Crossfit
We are excited to announce a challenge for the whole gym that we like to call Dawson Cross[Fit For Life]. We wanted to put together a challenge for our CrossFit Family that would allow each of you to establish some new goals in your life in the areas of general nutrition, sport and fitness, and over all gym life. First, take the time to think about your nutritional goals. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do about your nutrition, but it’s a great time to set a goal and work together with your fellow athletes and friends, at the box, to help you meet the goal(s) set! Next, take the time to think about your overall fitness. Set a goal for your personal growth in the area of sports/fitness. It can be as simple as adding a run to the end of your WOD or hiking once a week. Whatever the goal this is a good time to expand your fitness horizon. Your athleticism doesn’t end at the box; find something you love to do and just do it! Finally, we want you to think about setting goal(s) in the gym. Wanna tackle those double unders? Or get a new PR? Now’s the time to set that goal and your awesome trainers will help you get there! The best part of this challenge will come in the form of a mid-way check-in and a final check-in. The mid-way point will be marked by the completion of Hero WOD Murph and a potluck on 5/23/15. The finale will also be a potluck luncheon in June! We have big ideas about putting together a Dawson Cross[Fit For Life] book of recipes and we promise to post more information and a sign up link for both of these events, soon! We will have much more information to come about these events and we encourage you to check back here and on Facebook for updates and links!

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