David Whyte Aus Tour: Byron Bay Public Talk and Conversation

 30 May
 Byron Bay Services Club
 132 Jonson Street - 2481 - Byron Bay - Australia
 Talking Sticks
David Whyte’s ability to memorise poetry, his own and others, and bring it to bear on the questions that compel human beings has made him as much a philosopher as a literary figure. Yet his poetry has always stood independent of any context in which he has worked, with a readership looking at the poetry for its own sake. His work looks at the larger, timeless relationship of human beings to their world, to their relationship with creation, with others or with death. He looks at the sufferings and joys that come with revelations and the necessities of belonging to specific families, peoples and places. His work also chronicles a close relationship to landscapes and histories, especially those of his native Yorkshire, Ireland, Wales and his more recent home in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Over the course of the morning, David will treat the audience to poetic delights, truths, core ideas and radical thinking about those universal themes that every human being experiences throughout their life. His poetry and that of others he recites, touches a place in people that resonates as a truth. This session will also offer the audience the opportunity to interact more intimately with David as the morning flows more like a conversation than a talk or presentation.

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