David and Katie Get Re-Married

 15 May
 The Peoples Improv Theater
 123 E 24th St - 10010 - New York - United States
 David Carl
Their friends and family already saw them get married once. They also supported them through their violent and expensive divorce so they’re definitely not coming. It’s up to you to come bear witness to the rejoining of these two hopefully disillusioned souls, as they express their love through original music, poetry, and dance. You don’t need to bring a gift and there won’t be free booze. But there might be some cake. Written by: David Carl and Katie Hartman Performed by: David Carl, Katie Hartman, and Will Nunziata Save the Date!!! May 15th at 8 PM!!! http://thepit-nyc.com/event/david-and-katie-get-re-married-extra-performance/ For the Restoration, Re-Union, and Re-Marriage of David and Katie. @buseyhamlet www.davidcarlonline.com @SkinnyBJMeeting youtube.com/user/SkinnyBJesusMeeting

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