DARK FEMININITY/ Birthday Bash w/ Sublee / Sorin Milea / Incolor / Emi Mateis & Timirash / TECHNICALITY /

 12 June
 calea aurel vlaicu nr 247B
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Blackbox & Technicality te invita la cel de-al VIII-lea eveniment din seria CONTRAST intr-o locatie complet noua!!!!! ₪₪₪₪ LINE-UP ₪₪₪₪ WARM-UP : Timirash & Emi Mateis Ѧ Ѧ SUBLEE ( NIL Records , Soulsity , Delooped ) -https://www.facebook.com/subleee -https://soundcloud.com/subleee "To me creating music is like love; you don't have to be close minded and stay on a track. Experiment, play with sounds; understand and love them. Sounds you can see and hear, taking us to places we have never been, allowing us feelings we have never reached, creating stories that have never been told. This is the way I see it" Ѧ Ѧ Sorin Milea ( Ensis Black , DMB ) www.facebook.com/sorinmileaRO www.soundcloud.com/sorin-milea Sorin Milea is definitely one of the fundamental figures of the up-to-date new electronic movement. Born in Corabia in 1988, he had first contact with electronic music as a dj 2006,when became resident dj in a club on the Danube. Later,moving to Bucharest,he had a lot of gigs and played in clubs like Eden, Colors (resident dj), Aloha Lounge, Sensations Club (resident dj), Eden, For Friends, Rehab, Elektrische, Ceai Dansant, Awhere, Expirat, Zebra etc. and shared the dj desk with Priku, Sepp ,Suciu, Miss I , Pake, Nu Zau, Radu Mirica, Vali Dobrogeanu, JBD, Julian, Stef Decât, Ovidiu Andrei and many more ... Ѧ Ѧ Incolor www.soundcloud.com/decolorat incolor on his real name Anastasiei Claudiu Andrei , is a romanian dj&producer born in '93 . Growing up in the underground culture of Temeswar he realised that music is one of the most important things of his live . He wanted to be more than a simple listener so in 2011 he released his first EP and since then, he continued to delight the underground audience with his work . Focused on techno influences like minimal-techno,deep-techno and dub-techno, he started collaborating with labels like Tzinah Rec,Baile Musik and playing in important clubs from his country alongside artists like Cezar , Barac, Dubtil , Priku , Gescu , Mihigh ,Nu Zau and others.The year of 2014 ended in a good way for him by signing some vinyl releases but he claims that the best part of his work will remain unreleased ѦѦѦ TECHNICALITY CREW [After hours] ѦѦѦ Ѧ Acid Casual - https://www.facebook.com/galis.christian?fref=ts&ref=br_tf - https://www.facebook.com/AcidGC Ѧ Nociv https://soundcloud.com/nocivalex https://www.mixcloud.com/hegeralexgabiakadjnociv/ Ѧ Darkus - https://www.facebook.com/varcus.alex - https://www.facebook.com/darkushv - https://soundcloud.com/alex-varcus Ѧ Nilamarva - https://www.facebook.com/alin.avram1?fref=ts - https://www.facebook.com/nilamarva - https://www.mixcloud.com/nilamarva/ Ѧ XviK https://www.facebook.com/pages/XviK/1772537559637612 Technicality Crew s-a format în Noiembrie 2013 din alipirea a 4 DJ arădeni - BK0, Nilamarva, Nociv și Alex Varcus - care au vrut și vor să promoveze un gen mai puțin "cunoscut" pe plan local, și anume TECHNO. Ulterior, crew-ul s-a mărit cu încă 2 DJ, Acid Casual și apoi Xvik, aducând astfel un plus de energie și dorința de a susține și a promova acest vibe muzical. ⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂ r u l e s ⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂⌂ ⌂ Accesul interzis persoanelor sub 18 ani ! ⌂ Don't Drink And Drive! Te rugam lasa-ti masina acasa daca vei consuma alcool! ⌂ Say no to drugs! In cadrul evenimenului sunt INTERZISE consumul si vanzarea de stupefiante si/sau plante etnobotanice. Cei care nu respecta aceasta regula vor suporta consecintele legii (Cf. L339/2005 si L143/2000). ⌂ Ne rezervam dreptul de a selecta clientela ⌂ Nu va aventurati prin curtea interioara ⌂ Good vibe necesar !!! ⌂ Echipeaza-te cu papucii de dans ⌂ Vino odihnit si pregatit pentru o noapte de vis BILETE : 10 lei in avans 15 lei la fata locului CONTACT FOR TICKETS : 0742867524 & 0741453596 ₰₰₰₰₰ Sound MusicLab 16.000 W : - Interzis persoanelor epileptice.

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