Danger Thrill Show - Salmon Arm

 23 May
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 Danger Thrill SHOW
Neil E. Dee invites you to veer off the beaten path and enter the world of curiosities and awe. Danger Thrill Show perform real live and dangerous stunts not intended for the squeamish. The night features sword swallowing, comedy, belly dancing, music, and stunts. Neil E. Dee lies his bare flesh on the blades of only two razor sharp machetes while having a concrete brick smashed over his chest. He sandwiches himself between a 3 level bed of nails, hangs weights from his eyes, and showers in a wash of white hot metal sparks. Fatt Matt, the “World’s Fattest Contortionist”, uses his belly to bend rebar and fits himself through rackets and hula hoops. International burlesque sensation Melody Mangler braves the ladder of swords and bed of nails. Audiences will also have the chance to staple their hard earned cash to the bodies of Fatt Matt and Neil E. Dee. $20 at the door

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