Dancing with Qi and Dreaming with Awareness with Masahiro Ouchi

 12 June
 Conferentiecentrum De Glind, Postweg 65, 3794 MK De Glind
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 Neska Ong A Kwien
Taichi is moving meditation and dancing with Qi, and Tenshin Ranman Taichi is a very beautiful authentic Taichi form. After many years of polishing, Masahiro and Li Jung Feng (one of the most respected Taichi teachers of our time) have perfected this form. It contains all the traditional Taichi movements but only requires 7 minutes and a 2 x 2 meter area, so it can be practiced anywhere and anytime once you learn it. It is a powerful practice that integrates mind, body and spirit, developing mental and physical grounding and centering. But more than anything, it is fun and joyful. When you are having joyful time with a calm and open mind, Qi moves freely. You can learn and practice Tenshin Ranman Taichi at any age and with any physical conditioning~ whether you are a seasoned athlete or in need of strengthening and recovery. This is Masahiro’s favorite Taichi form to practice. Total beginners or advanced students, and any physical conditions are all welcome. “Dream Practice: Awaking with Your Dreams“ Deep Dream Practice integrates our unconscious mind and subtle body with our conscious mind, physical body and the material world. Dreams are very powerful and meaningful when you were a child and in old cultures. Sleeping was not just resting for tomorrow, before industrial revolution. We need to cultivate these important aspects of our life again. We will explore deep relaxation and lucid dreaming with a sense of enjoyment and trust. Yoga Nidra and TZ-Dream Meditation will also be practiced to clarify and empower our dream life. Sleeping is another important aspect of this practice. it is a big part of our life. If we live an average life span of 75 years and sleep about one-third of our day, we will spend 25 years sleeping and dreaming... 25 years! Sleeping is not just resting, it is a big part of our life. We will learn some basic techniques for sleeping better, including basic bone breathing. Sleeping and Dreaming will become a time of deep healing and self-discovery. When : 12 - 14 juni Place: Conferentiecentrum De Glind, Postweg 65, 3794 MK De Glind Price: € 370,--(2 personsroom) € 395,-- (single room) Price includes workshop, stay + meals Payment: t.n.v. Stichting Ed Prima Produkties, IBAN nummer NL71 INGB 0006 2276 94 o.v.v. Masahiro Ouchi Information and registration: Neska Ong A Kwien email: hutongnederland@gmail.com website: www.hutongnederland.nl When you know someone who is interested, please do share.

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