DANCE WITH HORSES as Introduction to Ritual Dance

 04 June
 Radomlje, Slovenia
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 Sandra Anais
“He stood by her, with head held proudly. And she flattened as well and let the wind and sun to gently touch her and mount her to the bigger picture of the universe. She focused her sight on his drum round hooves and whispered while inviting him into movement: “Come, lets awaken the heartbeat of life!” Horses teach us that every move is just an information and every emotion is like conversation, but all together is choreographed energy that has its source deep inside of ourselves and is guided with fully presenced counscioussness. No movement is without intention and because we work with horses, pray in nature, every movement should support life. With full core (fully centered) in full presence of the moment. Ritual Dance is not meant as trance dance, but to train the movement and dance, which strenghten and embodies particular intention. And when we achieve this in our bodies, we dance through life that brings us gifts. Therefore, welcome to intensive training of sacred art of movement. By the side of herd that allways gives us accurate and honest feedback. And learn us in encouraging way how to be more present, how to have clear intentions, how to work with energy, how to be emotionally present and vital in body communication. Workshop will be held at KIRON CENTER ( in Radomlje (20 minutes out of Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia). The exact location (map) will be delivered upon your application. WHEN: from Thursday 4. 6. to Sunday 7.6. 2015 (thursday: 17h-21h, friday: 10h-13h and 15h-20h, saturday: 10h-14h and 17h-23h, sunday: 10h-18h) APPLICATIONS OPEN until 20. may: FACILITATORS : Neja Meta Rojc (Center Kiron, ( and Sandra Anais (Dance Ecology, We offer vegetarian meals and drinks (tea and water) and there is possibility to sleep on hayloft or in a tent. PRICE : 480 EUR. No previous experience with horses or dance is needed. Places on the workshop are limited. MORE: In presence and by being actively involved with horses, we will experience: - learning highly sensorial perception: what can we learn beyond usuall perception of our six senses - awareness of body and its wordless messages - exercises of meditative presence in movement and learning of authentic movement that initiates rituals - sensing the body in our actions and relations to others and the world- power of silence and sounds that come from our bodies or from nature around us and how to establish harmonizing dialogues in this way - working with weight - why and where is the core of my gravitation and how does my movement become lighter with clear actions without much effort- work with energy - isolation / immobilization of energy, intensity, agility in changing the intensity, moderation of energy, working with energy that arises from different energy centers, source of energy - what can fill me with energy, searching energetic circuit (an inexaustable source) instead of linear energetic consumption - work with emotional body - awareness of emotional messages and emotional authenticity in contrast with socially conditioned emotivity, - Axis mundi : centering and sinhronicity between physical, emotional, energetic and mental body in sinhronicity of messages and intentions- movement with stimulation of healing touch, - how to prepare space to set personal boundaries (to identify where we are threatened and where to go beyond when they block our development) - how to prepare sacred space: how to work with multi - dimensional space and how to create your “soul stage” - spiritual dimension of the horse on the path of transformation- last evening : shamanic dance with drums ( recall of what we want to revive in our lives) - last day : exclusive ritual : horse as a prophet on a personal “soul stage” Center Kiron deals with an innovative, natural and holistic approach to horses and riding, as well as exploring the power of the horse as an assistant in human development, personal growth and healing. Kiron is active in a field of equestry and aims to raise the awareness about urgent and necessary descent of a man from a position of domination and enslavement of horses to the position of a student who learns from these powerfull and unique creatures. Horses bring to man esssentially needed tools for transformation in these times of apocalyptic changes on personal and spiritual level. Neja Meta Rojc is the founder of Kiron and for more than 7 years , she was developing and leading meditation programs and workshops with horses and translating their wisdom to humans. She is also leading Association for deep ecology - Terra Anima, where she teaches how importanat is our connection with nature. She is also a great connoisseur of ancient soul wisdom and hand crafts of the women. For several years, she successfully combines soul, nature and art. Dance ecology, in addition to build a bridge between nature and culture through dance, also aims to expand the perception of contemporary dance practices in spiritual and emotional sense and encourages to revitalize forgotten shamanic wisdom and the wisdom of sacred traditions and bring them back in to dance education. It also raises the awareness of the need to transform the man through body lwork and through revival of poetic discourse and interdisciplinarity (interconnection) within different artistic practices. Sandra Anais, the culturologist that works, researches and develops programs in the field of dance, which she understands as an interdisciplinary field of artistic, scientific and spiritual practice. She is active as a dancer, teacher, organizer, producer, curator and coordinator of the festivals. She is currently exploring the physical practices of other cultures, embodiment of thoughts, contemporary performative practices and nomadism in relation with urban rituals, new age practices and creation of urban communities / tribes. In the field of dance and somatic practices, she studied with renowned pedagogues in Slovenia, Great Britain, China, Austria and Georgia.

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