Dance of the Elemental Energies

 22 May
 Morrison Community House / The Gathering Place
  - - -
 SuperCraig Janelli
Earth, Fire, Water, Air - Let the Elements inspire your Dance, your Play, Your Creative Expression. Adorn and Embody your natural strength or move into the element of your emergence! Gather on the beautiful grounds of the Morrison Community Home and pay homage to our Earth mother with ceremonial dance to some of our community’s most beloved musical producers. Meditate on sacred ground as you gaze above at the incredible blanket of stars. Lay an offering on the altar, or say a silent prayer as you sit in a beautifully decorated temple space, contained in a Lotus Dome of white silk. DJ LINEUP: SunDragon DJ Seraiah DJ LuvGroove Tnure/Ishe Video Projection Mapping: Opal & DJ Swizz Featuring the 15,000 watt Kevin Brown Wall of Sound SCHEDULE (still in progress… subject to change) 6:00 - Shuttle Service Starts 6:30 - Pot Luck 7:00 - pm Workshops: Facilitators will lead small groups in workshops** 9:00 - pm OPENING CIRCLE PUJA 10:00 pm DJ Sets begin! 9:00 am Tasty Breakfast Buffet! 2:00 pm Farewell! Please note: the Opening Circle and Puja will begin at 9:00 pm. In order to create and preserve a sacred space container, we ask that you arrive no later than 8:00 pm to allow enough time to get to the house and settling prior to the circle. Once the Puja Ceremony has begun, we will be limiting participation. If you do not plan on attending the circle and puja please plan on arriving after 9:45 pm. WHAT TO BRING? YOUR OWN PERSONAL EASILY IDENTIFIABLE CUP OR WATER BOTTLE • Please bring a bag (with your name on it) to store additional items you choose to bring • We are a shoe-less home, so please plan your attire accordingly • We encourage you to bring something for the altar • Bring food to share for dinner or snacking. We will provide a breakfast buffet in the morning. • Bring beverage and/or medicine of your choice to share as well • Pillows and/or cuddle space items are welcome! If you are planning to participate in the potluck, please consider bringing something thoughtful & nutritious ;) PLEASE DO NOT BRING: Fire props, red wine, pets... WHAT TO WEAR?!? Dress as your most fabulous and comfortable self, inspired by sacred ceremony and the vivid colors of spring and the elements that most inspire you to live the life of your dreams. OVERNIGHT CAMPING All are welcome to stay through the night. No reason to leave until you can do so safely, so please be responsible and do NOT drive altered! Camping on the property is permitted in denoted areas Please bring and store all necessary bedding in a bag (with your name on it) if you like. There will no private areas for sleeping, but some have been known to catch an hour or two nap between dancing and breakfast. TRAVEL AND TIME We want everyone to get the most out of this event, so please read carefully and plan accordingly. • Familiarize yourself with the attached directions and arrive on time in order to include parking and shuttle. • You are welcome to walk to the house from the parking lot (about ¼ mile). There will also be a shuttle service which will run from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm, • Please allow at least an extra 15-30 minutes to park and make your way to the house (maybe longer during peak times, so plan ahead) • Familiarize yourself with the directions emailed to the Eventbrite ticket purchasers. You agree to the terms that if you get stuck we will need your vehicle towed immediately at your cost- then you are welcome to drop your people and stuff off at the house and park in the onsite lot (space permitted). • There will be parking attendants to support the process • All drivers will be directed to the appropriate parking lot and can either walk (about ¼ mile onsite, or ¾ mile from the overflow lot) or be shuttled to the house if you arrive within the shuttle service hours. • Volunteers that meet the above criteria and who arrive prior to 5:00 pm can park on the service road near the house (see onsite signage). You MUST STAY ON THAT ROAD (last event there was damage caused by someone turning around in the field and broke our water line- please don’t be that person!) Otherwise, volunteers need to park neatly in one of the lots. • Shuttle service is intended to be available from 6:00pm-10:30pm PARTICIPATION If interested in volunteering, please contact Lowkee. If interested in providing a workshop, please contact SuperCraig Come have the Life of your Time with Us! LOVE and BE LOVED amongst the most Vibrant and Alive Tribe of human beings you may ever encounter under one (large) roof - that includes YOU, of course.... Get your tickets here: TICKET POLICIES (some are NEW- PLEASE READ) If you purchase a ticket and then change your mind, we will refund your ticket up to 5 pm on 05/19. Please ask for a refund rather than trying to transfer the ticket. If you absolutely must transfer your ticket, we will accept transfers up until 5 pm on the 05/20. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Please plan ahead and thanks for your understanding

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