29 May
 1953 Vista Del Mar, 90068
  - - -
 Dan Paustian
Grab your scrunchies, denim jackets, and neon t-shirts, because shit is about to get TOTALLY RAD. Party On in the Vista Courtyard for Dan Paustian and Andy Jones's May birthdays. Festivities include: 1. Capri Sun Punch and Pop Rock Cocktails 2. A pimpin' 90's DJ set by AMAZON (a.k.a. Winzler & DJ Mustang, a.k.a. Paul Cervenka & Paul Glaser, a.k.a. Pauly C and Pauly G, f.k.a. DJ Pauly Squared)!! 2. A Nintendo 64 station with a 90's Huge Box TV 3. A photo booth with 90's props and a Polaroid camera (you keep the pics!) 4. TWISTER 5. A boom box spray painted GOLD 6. The person with the worst outfit gets SLIMED

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 15 December, Thursday