30 May
 Enterprise Hall
  - 22202 - Arlington - United States
 Matt Ventura
WHATS UP D7! First and foremost, congratulations to all of the 2015 graduates! You guys made it and we are all so incredibly proud. Glad to see you all have survived past finals, but D7 AIN'T DONE YET. As turnovers are complete for most orgs, we have elections approaching for the upcoming school year and D7 needs YOUR HELP. Please come join us at George Mason University (we out chyeah NOVA) at Enterprise Hall Room 80 on May 30th for our D7 elections! This is your opportunity as members of D7 to nominate those select individuals who you believe embody D7 and would represent our district well. The positions available are District Chairperson (max 2) – The chairperson shall be the official representative of the District. They will provide an agenda prior to each executive board meeting and shall moderate and officiate over aforementioned meetings. The are responsible for ensuring that all actions assumed under the name of District VII act in accordance with the Constitution. They shall have the final input over decisions that affect the interests and well-being of the District or does not fall along the guidelines of the Constitution. They shall have the right to appoint or fill any vacancies that may arise in the executive board during their terms in office. Secretary– The secretary shall take minutes and attendance of all meetings. The secretary will publish prior meetings’ minutes for approval at each meeting. The Secretary will be in charge of archiving, which entails keeping hard copies of all documents on-hand and seeing to the maintenance of said documents. He or she will also upload all meetings minutes and notes to the Google group after meetings. The secretary will be primarily responsible for maintaining the executive board e-mail, internet groups, etc. compiles e-mail lists of all the member schools and contact information for District VII. The secretary shall compile a calendar of events pertaining to the events within District VII and distribute it to other District VII schools. Public Relations- The liaison between all of the schools within the district. The PR chair is responsible for T-Shirt orders, creating event pages and flyers and maintaining the social media pages with the webmasterl. Historian (max 2) – The historian(s) is responsible for creating a resource (scrapbook, virtual documents, etc.) for which organizations and members can easily obtain information. He or she is also responsible for creating a turnover binder which will contain pertinent information for the officers of next year. The historian shall be in charge of any webmasters for District VII, who will entail assist the maintenance of membership dues and active status of the schools. Treasurer- The treasurer shall oversee all financial transactions District VII. He or she will keep an up-to-date statement of the FIND District VII national bank account. The treasurer will be the liaison to FIND, Inc. National Board concerning district reimbursement requests and shall make the final decisions concerning the validity of said requests. Webmaster- The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the D7 webpage and working cohesively with the PR chair with maintaining the social media pages for the district. Alumni Relations – The Alumni Relations chair shall be the main source of conduct between District VII and the alumni of District VII. It shall maintain an up- to-date database of alumni of District VII and their contact information. The Alumni Relations chair shall send out a monthly newsletter to this database of alumni about the current events and information pertaining to District VII. BUT THATS NOT ALL FOLKS Please come join us at 4PM for a D7/D6 MIXER. More details to come ~~~~~~~ STAY GOLDEN D7.

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