CYMBLS (Psychedelic-Filmscore-Instrumental-Duo from Rome/ITA)

 18 May
 fluc + fluc wanne
 praterstern 5 - 1020 - Vienna - Austria
 Peter Nachtnebel
”Cymbls, nicht zu verwechseln mit der Londonder Band Cymbals, ist ein italienisches Duo, das inspiriert von Filmsoundtracks der 1960er- und 1970er-Jahre verwaschen-psychedelische Musik schafft, der Atmosphäre weit wichtiger ist als so etwas wie klassische Songstrukturen. Nicht unspannend, und - Avantgarde hin oder her - vor allem auch ziemlich schön. Hippie-Daddel-schön halt.” (Falter) CYMBLS is an experimental psychedelic-pop project based in Rome started in the beginning of 2013 by Cristiano Carosi and Isabella Cotellessa. It begins as part of an intense exploration of a typical sound strictly rooted in the italian contemporary culture which is the the 60’s and 70’s soundtrack sound of italian composers like Morricone, Umiliani and many others, a blend of avantgarde experimental sounds, electronica, jazz, rock and above all an always present sense of melody that balances moments of pure tone and abstraction with “implosions of feeling”. This approach and its mix of styles was the incipit to experiment on a common structure like the “pop song” playing with different elements opposed to each others, melody and confusion, electronic sounds and natural acoustic elements, treated voices and samples to generate a music that is psychedelic and out of time. externer link

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