Cycling Weekend in Ancient Persepolis - part 2 | Shiraz, Iran

 21 May
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 Piotr Bural
RSVP: Due to many requests received lately we are repeating this trip in May, this is surely last one this season as the weather in Shiraz will be too hot until October. If visiting ancient cities over the weekend is more interesting to you than brunching or partying, and if you prefer to follow a bit uncommon routes you may find this weekend quite overwhelming. There are two gems we will visit - Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rustam but also we will stay in Shiraz, city dating back 7,000 years ago. Welcome to the Ancient Persia!! Persepolis was founded by Darius I in 518 B.C., it was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. Built on an immense half-artificial, half-natural terrace, where the king of kings created an impressive palace complex inspired by Mesopotamian models. The importance and quality of the monumental ruins make it a unique archaeological site. Naqsh-e Rustam is an ancient necropolis located about 12 km northwest of Persepolis, in Fars Province, Iran. It contains 5 tombs carved in the rock, just the same way as Petra in Jordan. Our route plan is as follows, we may not be able to cycle all of it, but surely we will do as much as time allows: Day 1: Meeting at Terminal 1, 16.45 hrs. Arrive to Shiraz- evening sightseeing- hotel Day 2: Early in the morning transfer to Ramjerd city, start cycling about 2-3 hours- visit Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rustam. Day 3: Morning cycling, return to Shiraz, fly back home at 16.00 hrs. Return to Dubai 17.00hrs. Level of difficulty: easy Activities: cycling, site seeing Duration: weekend Accommodation & meals: all included: hotels and home stays, local foods. Bikes: Rental included Requirement: daypack, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, cycling gears (helmet, gloves, etc.) camera. No shorts in Iran, ladies need scarves. Approx. cost: 2500 AED incl flights, payment deadline May 7th. Visas: UK, Canada, USA passports needs prearranged visas - we will arrange invitations but you will need to visit Iranian Embassy. Any cost related to visa is not included. Other nationalities visa on arrival. All other details available for RSVPs. See yah in Persepolis!! xx Piotr 050 4848238 /

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