01 June
 Hyderabad, India
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 Cybersonix Pro
HELLO !!. We are happy to announce the 2nd batch of our CYBERSONIX MUSIC WORKSHOP (CMW) The time has come for aspirants to fulfill their musical dreams and become a proficient Producer/dj in no time. CMW offers you hands on experience with some state of the art hardware/software studio gear currently used by the world's finest music producers/Djs. This crash course will offer you a complete understanding of the software (Cubase) and Traktor Pro with priceless tips and tricks, assuring you stay at the top of your game!. + This course explores the art and craft of electronic music production (EMP) using a digital audio workstation cubase. Shahveer Spiral, has over 8 years of experience in producing music and he is ready to share his tricks in producing high quality dance music tracks and DJing simultaneously. Heres a great chance for aspirants to learn the producer’s approach to working a project. So Look no further! + Special guest lectures to be conducted by some top artists in the underground music scene. Book you slot, Limited seats! COMING SOON THIS APRIL!! Enquire :@ +91 9666669049

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