22 May
 Baltic Sea Soundarea
  - - Stralsund - Germany
Since 4 years, he's playing every sunday 2 hours live. Roman Schwarz, our Afterhour Resident on the Blue Stream, is living his music, and definitly his mixes from weekend to weekend. .. and thats because he's celebrating his forth birthday 2 days long. *22/05/15 // 8PM_to_8PM_24/05/15 *48h TIMETABLE: [1st] --> LIVE-EVENT I aus der MASCHA-SHISHA_&_COCKTAILBAR // start 8pm DJs & LIVE-ACT: __Henry Wollgast __Stefan Jasmund __ tomas kain (dj/producer) __Franck Fischer __Lauschtakt & Ulrich LIVE [2nd] --> DJ_SETS // 6am to 10am [playtime] __Klemens Koehler [6am to 8am] __Tobias Sandbothe [8am to 9am] __France Capuano [9am to 10am] [3rd] ---> LIVE-EVENT II direct from // Studio Stralsund // 10am to 12pm STEFAN JASMUND vs. ROMAN SCHWARZ XXL_BIRTHDAY_SET_SPECIAL [4th] --> DJ-SETS // 12am to 8pm // Sunday 24/05/15 [playtime] __afterhour classic sets __by roman schwarz [12am to 6am] __Mark Synth [6am to 7am] __ANNA [7am to 8am] __Vamos Art [8am to 9am] __Marc Raum [9am to 10am] __umami [10am to 11am] __Alexander Maier [11am to 12:30pm] __David K [12:30am to 1:30pm] __Pusch & Pusch [1:30pm to 3:30pm] __René Bourgeois [3:30pm to 4:30pm] __Martin Eyerer [4:30pm to 5:30pm] __Carlo Ruetz [5:30pm to 6:30pm] __DJ Thomilla [6:30pm to 8pm]

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