CT-New Haven County-What in the world are Hangouts? Connect to your audience with video

 18 May
 35 South Main Street Wallingford The Meeting House First Congregational Church
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 BIG Pod Meetings & Events
Contact: Pod Leader Sandra Centorino sandra@sayitforward.me (860) 490-9181 This will be a fun and energetic presentation on how to use Google Hangouts for your business. ABOUT ZEF ZAN Her average speed in life is 200 mph and she may even have enough energy to power up a small town! Zef Zan has been featured on Connecticut’s Channel 12 TV Network and in several national radio programs. She is an entrepreneur, an inspirational speaker, and the creator, producer, and host of two web shows, Creative Chat Cafe, The Business Talk Show Hangouts, and Zef’s Zest TV. Zef is also the President and Founder of Entrepreneurs That SOAR!, a New Media Marketing company where she is known for being a “High Tech, High Touch Marketing Strategist.” Her definition of “high tech” revolves around her work with helping entrepreneurs and business folks how to leverage videos, webcasts, and virtual events via Hangouts to increase reach and humanize their brand. Zef’s “high touch” approach is her trademark when working with clients, collaborators, and members of her own team. She aces at helping them build a similar culture in their own businesses by teaching them to create effective communications via social media to build and/or enhance connectivity, community, and customer loyalty. A recent cancer victor who really knows how to turn lemons into lemonade, she is just a ball of fire and will quickly inspire you!

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