Crystal Layout Meditation Group Session

 21 May
 Chippewa Falls, WI, United States
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 Thetahealing Classes with Sheila
Crystal Layout Meditation Group Session Class date: Thursday May 21, 2015, 6:30pm - 9:30pm Where: Chippewa Falls, WI (address will be given upon registration) Fee: $65.00 A process to train your body to bring attributes forward Crystals have many amazing properties which can be scientifically demonstrated. If crystals are laid out on and around the body in the right way they can induce a meditative brain state (theta brain wave). The advantage of using crystals is that it is easy to hold this state for a long period of time which makes it much easier to relax and observe. While there are many documented benefits to being in this meditative Theta state, a Crystal layout take this a step further by allowing you to journey to a time in your life when you were accomplishing what you wanted and bringing that feeling into your life now. The Crystal Layout process puts your focus on bringing a life attribute or virtue into your life now. Would you like to remember what it feels like to live your life in faith, gratitude, acceptance, wonder, hope, service, kindness, witness, restraint, compassion, forgiveness, love, courage, truth, and understanding? Would you like to focus on certain skills in your life such as creativity, writing, healing, making money, speaking multiple language, working with physics, electricity, passion in art, These and many more are already in your cells, in your DNA, in who you are. Crystal layout allows you to have a focused meditation in order to bring them forth in all areas of your life. This is open to everyone

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