Crossroads Bull Jam

 06 June
 CrossRoads Cowboy Church, El Paso, Arkansas
 3071 Hwy 5 - 72045 - El Paso - United States
 Josh Davis
Pre-Event activities start at 10am -Bible Study @ 11:30am -White County Elite Riders American Flag presentation @ 12pm Main Event following Elite Riders Flag Presentation -Mutton Busting (sheep riding) Division for youngsters -Miniature Bull Riding Division -Novice (junior bull riding) Division -Open/Pro Division Bull Riding FREE ADMISSION!!! ENTRY FEE'S - Mutton Bustin $5 - Miniature Bull Riding $25 - Novice $50 - Open/Pro $60 There will be concessions provided by Cross Roads Cowboy Church. Prior to the event we will have activities for kids that will not be participating in the main events. - FACE PAINTING BOOTH Painting faces like a rodeo clown - BEST DRESSED RODEO CLOWN CONTEST Judged by volunteers - STICK HORSE RELAY A stickhorse provides the challenge for this cowboy-themed relay race. Each team has its own stickhorse. The first player on each team starts with the stickhorse. She rides the stickhorse down to the opposite end and back to the starting line. She then passes the stickhorse to the next player who repeats the action. The first team to have all of its members complete the course wins. - BULL RIDING DEMONSTRATION ON A STATIONARY BARREL To show how the bull riders prepare for an event (This is a demonstration only and fans will not be involved) - MEET/GREET BULL RIDERS Autographs and Pictures - KIDS "FOOT PEDAL" TRACTOR PULLING Kids will sit on a pedal tractor and pull a sled with Hay on it across the finish line. The first kid to reach the finish line wins a ribbon! - CATTLE ROPING RELAY This relay puts the roping skills of the players to the test. Instead of a cone at the opposite end, you'll set up a roping steer head that is used for lasso practice. One at a time, the players from the team's race down to the roping steer where they find a lasso waiting. The lasso is used to rope the steer head. After successfully lassoing the steer, the player must remove his lasso and lay back down so it's ready for the next team member. He races back to the starting line and tags the next team member who repeats the roping challenge. - BEAN CAN STACKING Baked beans are a staple of the cowboy diet. Cans of baked beans also work well for a themed relay race. Each team needs 10 bean cans lined up at the opposite end of the playing field. The first player from each team runs to the cans and stacks them in a pyramid. The easiest configuration is to stack four cans on the bottom, three on the top of that, two on top of those cans and the final one on the very top. The kids then knock over the cans and run back to the starting line. The remaining players each take a turn to complete the task.

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