Cross-Queens Walk to Belmont, Saturday June 6th

 06 June
 50th Street & Vernon Blvd, Queens. #7 to Vernon Blvd, meet in the street median of Vernon Ave.
  - - -
 Moses Gates
Come walk across Queens. We'll start in Long Island City, and head east until we get to Belmont Racetrack, where (if you like) you can pay 10 bucks admission and stick around for the 147th running of the Belmont Stakes. On the way we'll also see Queen's answer to two famous Manhattan Streets: Park Ave, and Sutton Place. Lunch at Hollis Famous Burgers, home of the Hip-Hop museum. 16 miles. Some people like to dress fancy for the Belmont Stakes, but if you're walking 16 miles first, maybe just keep that porkpie hat & ascot tie in a handbag on the way (not a backpack - not allowed in this year).

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