Creating mandalas and exploring our inner spaces

 16 May
  107 Morya Estate Opp. Infinity Mall New Link Road Andheri (West) Mumbai 53
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Creating mandalas and exploring our inner spaces, we delve into the Mandala process to help connect to the “centre” within - a place of beauty, peace, joy and co-creation. Mandalas have been used from time immemorial as an universal symbol of integration, harmony and transformation. They represent “wholeness”, and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself - a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. Each of us has within, a reservoir of beauty, light, knowledge and strength and also the power to create and transform our own reality. Working with Mandalas can help one connect to that center within, to discover one’s unique patterns and beliefs, to find one’s inner place of power and strength, thus enabling one to reclaim one’s true self. You need not be an artist to work with this magical medium. With a childlike approach, we play with color, form, journaling, breathing and meditation. Delving deep within one-self, we reclaim our right to love, light and joy. Suitable for anyone who would be interested in self-exploration and working with the healing energies of mandala creation. Geometry is the study of the ideal patterns that describe everything we can see and touch, and even think about. These patterns describe light, sound, and behavior, helping us understand and appreciate the underlying principles of life itself. Geometric forms are the building blocks of life, from the single spherical structure of a cell to the patterns created by atoms when joining together to create elements. Recognition of these patterns gives us pause to consider the metaphorical implications regarding our own human beginnings. Through the study and practice of Geometry we discover the inherent proportion, balance, and harmony that exists in any situation and ground ourselves in the experience of self-awareness. The cosmic creating process is deep within us and can emerge through our hands with the help of the three traditional tools of the geometer-the compass, the straightedge, and the pencil. To the ancients these tools represented three divine attributes that designed the patterns of the world. About the Facilitator Vivechana has had a long and succesful stint in the corporate world as a Creative Director. Ten years ago she left the corporate world to work with the Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry. Working with them helped her go deeper within and into the teachings of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. It made her aware of the many-layered inner existence one lives and the myriad energies that affect one’s being. She started her research on Mandalas eight years ago, on an inner impulse of delving into the world of beauty, form and symbols. The research was with no fixed goal other than her own learning. Much of the work that came after that was a result of a deep study of ancient sacred geometry principles, wisdom of ancient Indian spiritual texts and spiritual masters. The intent behind the work being to create harmony - inner and outer and to manifest beauty. In a world of chaos, this work was her attempt to connect to the “centre” within - of peace, harmony and joy.The workshops are her way of sharing and mediating in this connect to the “centre” within of knowledge, strength, light, beauty and joy. Energy exchange: Rs 3000 (inclusive of all material and lunch and high tea) please call on 9822590477 ( Nikhita ) to Register .. Limited seats available

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