Cranky Cabaret May 30th and 31st

 30 May
 The Black Box at Joria Studios, 410 W. 47th St., 2nd Floor NYC 10019 ***PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION***
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 Jessica Lyn Morris
This awesome show, features an OPEN BAR for only $20!!! Do not adjust your computer screen. Don't get your eyes checked. I said "OPEN BAR for only $20!!!" Oh, yeah...and the cast is completely amazing too!!! Please come to our wild, fun filled evening packed angry, snippy, and just plain bitchy "Songs of Vexation and Discord" See you there! Songs of Vexation & Discord Ticket Price: $20 And includes... An OPEN BAR!!! Saturday, May 30th 7:45 -10:00 PM and Sunday, May 31st 5:45 - 8:00 PM At The Black Box at Joria Studios, 410 W. 47th St., 2nd Floor, NYC 10019 ***PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION!!*** Doors...and at 7:45 PM on Saturday for an 8:00 show, and 5:45 PM on Sunday for a 6:00 show Producers: Kristofer Holz and Jessica Lyn Morris Piano: Dave Dahrv Emcee: Kate Hoover Featuring: Charley Young Andrea Abello Jesenia Jenni Ruiza Annie Bryson Carol Nolasco Morissa Trunzo Percy Mitchell Lamar Perry Ryan Bulger Olivia Anderson Brock Goben Sarita Nash

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