Countermeasure at Glenn Gould, only $10!

 16 May
 CBC Glenn Gould Studio
 Glenn Gould Studio is located on the main floor of the Canadian Broadcasting Centre at 250 Front St. West - - Toronto - Canada
 Countermeasure Music
Tickets: We didn't get a chance to perform our UK tour rep for all you lovely people before we left, so we thought it was well past time to do so! Come join us for a full-length show at the Glenn Gould Studio, at 250 Front St W downtown Toronto! Doors will open at 7:00pm and the show will start at 7:30. We'll be performing our rep from London as well as preview some things that you might be seeing at the Sing! Festival at the end of May. We'll be recording audio and video for the concert to be used for future promo material so we decided on a super-low ticket price of $10 so you can all make it out and be a great raucous crowd for us ;) You can also pay $25 and get a copy of our first album, 14 Characters, along with your ticket! Hope to see you there!

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