Councils of Light Initiation: Lightwork Mastery--Lighting the Grids of Reality: Manifestation and Matrix Light

 23 May
 Lawrenceville, GA, United States
  - 30042-30046, 30049 - -
 Ayala Eirena
The Councils have channeled a series of new techniques and teachings to help us go beyond The Secret and The Law of Attraction, in order to really attain the optimal state of mind for co-creation of reality. For anyone who has "Dreamed the Dream" of a more harmonious life on earth, or who wishes to manifest their heart's desire (for one's self, and for the ALL), join us at this incredible LIFE CHANGING event. Sages and physicists around the world have explored the mystery of the reality-matrix, and metaphysicians discuss those grids as they apply to bringing us what we seek. But in this Initiation, you will receive the CODES of energy to upgrade your DNA, repattern your Thinking beyond the conscious/sub-conscious duality that limits our abilities, as well as to clear old emotional patterns that so often over-ride our capacity to bring thought into form. Free yourself from those limits through the Infusions from the Councils, and allow your mind to expand through their teachings! You will receive detailed insights into the following: • How to remain in the optimal state of mind & state of being for co-creation • How to strengthen existing grids and create new ones by drawing from the infinite field of possibilities • How the body interprets data and stimuli to create either wellness or illness Read more on our website, and sign up EARLY for this very powerful, important day! Seating is limited. Visit our REGISTRATION page to reservie your seat via Paypal, or call 404-297-8525 to discuss payment by check options with Ayala. Be a part of Lighting the Grids for humanity's ASCENSION so that life on earth becomes a dream come true! <3 Namaste!

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