16 May
 Los Angeles, CA, United States
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 Cheryl Nichols
May 16 is the last day to donate! CORTEZ is an independent film written by Arron Shiver and Cheryl Nichols, produced by Cassidy Freeman and Carl Lucas Directed by CHERYL NICHOLS Our story is about two people, Jesse and Anne, once lovers, who find each other again after ten years. Jesse has become a semi-famous musician and Anne has all but disappeared in a tiny mountain town in Northern New Mexico: Cortez. After a motorcycle accident and a failed mission to find himself, Jesse goes to Cortez to seek out Anne. When he knocks on her door, a ten year old boy answers. A boy that looks just like him. Cortez is a film about what it means to be imperfect and still worthy of love. To desire things we can never have. To accept our mortality. To hurt others. To hurt ourselves. To lose. To gain. To love. To lose again. Age old human stuff. We need your help more than ever to make this project a reality. Please take a few minutes and check out the campaign and if it speaks to you, SPREAD THE WORD. We get to keep our funds no matter what, but the closer we get to our goal, the more real this all becomes. Help us get there. Every. Little. Bit. Counts. Check us out here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cortez/x/18838

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