Cornstar Farmers Market Pornstar Coinstar / Battle Ave. / Melkbelly / Longface

 28 May
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CORNSTAR FARMERS MARKET PORNSTAR COINSTAR Post modern eccentric fun for your pleasure. BATTLE AVE. A dark pop band from upstate New York, releasing their sophomore album on Seagreen Records (Porches, Rivergazer). Glitter and gloom, big guitars, fractured grooves. MELKBELLY Noisy guitar freak-outs alternate with beautifully melodic verses that show off singer Miranda Stokes's sweet and breathy vocal hooks—the back-and-forth between the two vibes is jarring and so frequent it can almost be overwhelming. One of the most exciting new sounds out of Chicago for a while. LONGFACE Members of New Diet & House of Normandie combine to make anti pop, pop.

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 15 December, Thursday