Copy of CTA Cloud Technology Associate Accra Ghana

 08 June
 Vertical Distinct Training Centre, City Centre, Accra, GH
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 Rowena Morais
Order tickets via Eventbrite: CTA Cloud Technology Associate Accra Ghana This certification demonstrates that you have the basic skills and knowledge associated with cloud and virtualization. It will allow you to operate effectively in a cloud environment as you will be able to demonstrate understanding of key concepts and terminology. This certification serves as a baseline for subsequent Cloud Credential Council professional level certifications. CTA has 6 modules: Module 1 introduces the cloud computing service model, its basic concepts and reasons why it is a successful model. Module 2 elaborates on virtualization technologies, which are an important underlying technology for cloud computing. Module 3 demonstrates how cloud and cloud technologies are enabling other applications (BYOD, Big data, etc). Module 4 focuses on cloud security, risk and governance and systematic ways of managing these. Module 5 paves the way for cloud adoption by highlighting important choices around cloud adoption and their consequences. Module 6 gives an overview of cloud service management, and how it builds upon existing IT service management principles. Across these modules a number of practical exercises and quizzes serve to make the content applicable to the participants’ situation. The CTA certification is organized by the Cloud Credential Council. For further information please visit or visit Cloud Technology Associate accra Cloud Technology Associate ghana CTA accra CTA ghana comptia Cloud essentials accra comptia Cloud essentials ghana comptia virtualization essentials accra comptia virtualization essentials ghana

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