Cool Dad County Fair

 16 May
 Glow Gallery
 224 Allen St - 14201 - Buffalo - United States
 Séance Michael
TICKETS: COME ONE - COME ALL COOL DAD COUNTY FAIR >WHEN: 1 DAY AFTER THE IDES OF MAY, 15:00 >WHERE: GLOW GALLERY 224 ALLEN STREET... IN THE BACK >WHO: YOU AND ALL YOUR BEST FRIENDS >WHY: YOU WILL ENJOY YOURSELF IMMENSELY Your favorite dads are back again to kick off a wonderful summer series that will be nothing short of the best way to spend your day. We have envisioned a set of parties that not only build on the wonderful vibes of the last two years, but also create new directions of interest for the Cool Dad Crew. *Food Offerings - Heady Juices - Yoga Sessions - Spiritual Awakenings - Psychic Readings - Strange Decorations* Art & Projections in collaboration with Infinite Zone Productions and our good friend Mascone Lee We feel #BLESSED to have an opportunity to bring very exciting talent to the first party of the series in the form of... DOUG ENGLISH - Detroit, MI (Country Club Disco, Perfect Driver, Sleazy G, Anabatic) instagram: DougenglishOG Doug Eng, better known as Doug English, grew up in the suburbs just outside of Detroit. After learning how to play multiple instruments, he felt the need to bring all the parts together and start producing. One major influence that pushed him towards techno and house, was listening to late night sets by DJ Godfather and Assault on the radio around the age of 15 years old. Fast forward a few years.. the countless weekends spent in Detroit, listening to the worlds finest talent refined what he had a musical taste for. Just returning from his Westcoast tour, Doug intends to maintain residency at The Grasshopper Underground in Ferndale, MI and focus more on the raw and attitude-driven side of the genres. This kind of sound is apparent in his forthcoming releases, dropping on Sleazy G, House of Hustle, LouLou Records and Grooverdose Records soon.. ROSS REGS - Detroit, MI (Country Club Disco, Sleazy G, East Project, Machete Red) instagram: rossregs ADMN - Detroit, MI (Anabatic, Sleazy Deep, Perfect Driver, Grooverdose) Beneath a good-natured grin and glasses akin to Clark Kent, Alexander Drazin, aka ADMN, is a sonic superhero. With an innate knack for music and technology, he has been conscientiously honing his craft since childhood. Having learned to play piano, trumpet and bass guitar all before graduating from high school, his extensive training in Classical and Jazz theory and technique only propel his propensity for making electronic music. Inspired by the darkest reaches of his native Detroit, the DJ/Producer brings skill and tenacity to the studio and the stage. His performance achievements include appearances alongside Lee Curtiss, Worthy, Christian Martin, Monty Luke and Kevin Saunderson. With his growing momentum, he has garnered the support from Detroit production powerhouse ‘Paxahau’ with a debut booking at this year’s Movement Electronic Music Festival during Memorial Day weekend in Hart Plaza. And of course... THE COOL DAD RESIDENTS: Eyes Everywhere, Nickie Fowler, & RFiDJ (Alex Morrison) SCHEDULE OF EVENTS:: 3:00PM: RFIDJ - SOULFUL SEDUCTION MUSIC Kick things off with toxin cleansing and immune system boosting juice. 4:30PM: NICKIE FOWLER - SPIRITUAL DESERT TECH Relieve all your stress with a guided yoga / meditation session. 6:00PM: ADMN - DARK PERVASIVE HOUSE Dinner is served! Come and eat with us as we prepare for more dancing into sundown. 7:30PM: DOUG ENGLISH B2B ROSS REGS - URBAN KARATE FUNK Our friends from the D turn up the energy as the sun turns itself in. Partake in psychic readings. 9:00PM: EYES EVERYWHERE - COSMIC HOUSE BROWNIES The two dark boys bring you a closing set as only they could. Crystal charging underneath the moon. 10:30PM: We thank the gods for our bountiful harvest and depart for the night time festivities thrown by our good friends at Igloo Music ::.

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