Construction And Renovation

 20 May
 Bodhi Satta Deban, Namdapha National Park
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 Chakma Rural Development Project
This is an annual project initiated by a group of social minded Chakma Students presently residing in Bodhgaya and included of ex-students. With the effort to lessen some of the serious issues prevalent in different rural Chakma villages in Arunachal Pradesh, the CRDP (Chakma Rural Development Project) is determined to motivate people to be socially generous. The focus of the project is mainly upon uplifting and preserving the living environment of the people, ensuring easy accessibility to each village through rural road development networks. Road transport has always been a challenge and poses a serious threat to the development of those rural villages as every rainy season transforms those muddy roads into dangerous ones unsuitable for travel. It makes the life of a common folk very miserable and turning out to be factor for undevelopment so far. CRDP also tries to focus over restoration, renovation and repairing of age-old monasteries which are lying at deteriorated state in the villages. Being the only centre where people can gather and have fruitful meeting and interactions, it has come up as an important task at hands to look after the monasteries and temples for peace and prosperity prevalence. The project would also cover the aspect of preventing of climatic change due to increase of pollution. Therefore, after spreading mass awareness among the villagers, the CRDP would also start to work towards plantation and saplings. It would assist in preserving the stability of the climate in the region and further prevent soil erosion and landslides etc. which are hazards for crop cultivation and making environment clean and green thus preventing increase of pollution. These are the issues which ask for immediate attention from Government and every common villager; but having discovered the carefree attitude on the part of state government, the students’ community has stepped out initiating the project. The project is neither a government registered nor an NGO, but rather self-driven collective initiative for ensuring a better sustainable future. Therefore, CRDP (Chakma Rural Development Project) welcomes and appreciates your contribution in whichever way you can. Please help us promote our Facebook Page (CRDP (Chakma Rural Development Project) and encourage everyone to get associated for our noble works for community development. The more likes it receives, the more encouraged we will be. Contact- +919504448732 Thank you Team CRDP

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