Constantines with special guest Chad VanGaalen

 27 May
 Massey Hall
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 Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall
Massey Hall presents Constantines with special guest Chad Vangaalen Since their explosive self-titled album released in 2000, the lasting and influential nature of the celebrated Canadian rock band is perhaps summed up best by John K. Samson: "Constantines are the best live band I have ever seen, entirely dedicated to communicating with an audience. Able to produce moments of sustained and complicated quiet, they are also one of the loudest bands I have encountered. Yet the volume is never used to repel the listener. Instead, they co-opt the sometimes aggressive conventions of rock to express the overwhelming parts of being alive, to explore the themes of community and struggle, to remind us we belong to something larger than our individual selves. The decibels tell us we are not alone." Chad VanGaalen is a multi-instrumentalist, and celebrated visual artist, widely known for his music, illustrations and animations. His fifth full-length record Shrink Dust (2014), is partially a soundtrack for an animated science fiction feature, currently in production. Live at Massey Hall Live at Massey Hall concerts will be recorded, filmed, and edited into a series of 30-minute episodes, made up of concert night footage, to be later broadcast online. By entering Massey Hall for the Live at Massey Hall series you consent to having your image captured and displayed for promotional and/or documentary use. Tickets $18.94 More info: Available online or at the Roy Thomson Hall Box Office (60 Simcoe St, Toronto), 416-872-4255 American Express is thrilled to support Live at Massey Hall as part of its commitment to supporting music and legendary venues like Massey Hall through its long-standing Front Of The Line program. Made possible with the support of the Ontario Media Development Corporation

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