Conservatives Cutting $36 Billion from Federal HEALTH CARE FUNDING

 30 May
  - - -
 Anwar Chaudhry
SIGN THE PETITION: INFORMATION ABOUT THE HEALTH CARE CUTS: THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING THAT CAN NOT BE IGNORED. Free health care is an intrical part of our country, our values, and our society! Please read the below and inform your friends, families and relatives.Share this on your wall, Share this with your friends. PLEASE make an effort because these things do matter and will affect the HEALTH of our families, our parents (who've bent over backwards to provide for us) and our future families. Enough is enough with Harper and the Conservatives.The Conservatives WANT TO CUT $36 BILLION FROM HEALTH CARE FEDERALLY! That is THE BIGGEST COP OUT I have ever heard. What have my parents been paying taxes for all these years!? The baby boomers (our parents) are beginning to hit old age and at a time where HEALTH CARE IS THE MOST PARAMOUNT, WHEN COST'S WILL RISE THE MOST (because the baby boomers are the largest population and health problems come with old age) the Conservatives want to slash federal funding and standardize the funding throughout Canada and not take into consideration the special need of the provinces which will endanger OUR PARENTS, OURSELVES, OUR CHILDREN and our way of life. Therefore, health care will become partly privatized without enough funding leaving the costs of healthcare to fall on us and I highly doubt our taxes will decrease in the like. Why should families have to choose between being healthy and putting food on the table? Have our families not paid enough? The Conservtives call this being Canadian!? THE CONSERVATIVES NEED TO GO. and Stephen Harper needs to leave politics, hands down. This guy is the most unCanadian person i have ever seen. They put Canada into a war when we are a peacekeeping and aid bringing country. They focus our assets and ignore environmental laws on/for the sake of Oil to which is now to the detriment of this country and has caused an economic ripple effect across the country, which is still going. They do nothing to tame the giant housing bubble that could literally severe our economy (which we have been warned by the IMF and various other sources that if we don't do something we could be looking at the same recession that hit the US). Stephen Harper does nothing but talk about the war and literally have nothing to say about the status of the economy (primarily because it's shit and they want to avoid the fact the Conservatives messed so they can tr and get re-elected) which has been in your hands for so long, especially considering they have a freaking majority government for god sakes (which is only by 34 percent simply because NDP and Liberals split the Canadian votes). Instead of spending the money on a useless war you could be helping sustain Canada's economy. Albert has lost 10, 000 jobs in the oil industry last month! Many more project cuts are on the way, which mean more job loss across the country. Manufacturing doesn't even get to benefit off the low Canadian dollar because a lot of them have closed down or moved their operations out of the country because instead of trying to maintain a balanced economy and protecting the manufacturing industry while our dollar was high (which made it much harder for canadian manufacturer's to operate) you just funnelled everything into oil. Your Finance Minister is literally STALLING the reports for Canada's economy because the actual job your responsible for (the sustaining and upbringing of our economy), is not at all doing well. You create an income sharing plan to which only the upper middle class will benefit ( to which only 2 million Canadians are eligible) benefit from. NOT TO MENTION HIS C-51 BILL! Which TAKES AWAY OUR CANADIAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. WHERE THE CANADIAN BAR ASSOCIATION (comprised of 36, 000 lawyers across Canada) ARE GOING HEAD TO HEAD WITH THE CONSERVATIVES TO CHALLENGE THE BILL. (This is a whole other issue). All this bill does is allow the government to deny us our freedoms and doesn't even increase our safety. I IMPLORE YOU, to LOOK IT UP AND INFORM YOURSELF AND YOUR PARENTS ABOUT THIS! THIS ISSUE IS JUST AS PARAMOUNT AS HEALTH CARE! For example this bill allows them to take your phone anytime they want to and look through your things as long as they CONSIDER you to be a radical individual. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! FIRST AND FOREMOST SIGN THE PETITION! THEN MAKE SURE YOU VOTE IN THE ELECTION AGAINST CONSERVATIVES!

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