Conscious Relating Circle Byron Bay

 22 May
 Red Tent Yoga
 10/21-23 Tasman Way - 2481 - Byron Bay - Australia
 Graeme Sudholz
Conscious Relating: Letting the Love that is your Essence Dictate the Form of Your Relationship. *** Explore for your self, your own experience of connected conscious relating with yourself and with others. We're excited to be continuing our Conscious Relating Evenings for 2015. If you've come before, you know how juicy and nourishing these evenings can be - and getting even richer- and you are most welcome back! If you've been sitting on the fence, perhaps this is your time to jump in and discover what it's all about? *** Most people hope to enter, or enter into relationship hoping to bring more love and joy into their life. Yet so often our relationships turn out to be hard work - full of challenges, confusion and misunderstandings... and we wonder what happened to the love and joy? And we continue to look outside of ourselves for the answers. Conscious relating is a path for creating intimacy based on complete honesty, allowing, understanding, compassion and trust, allowing us space to connect to and communicate from our essence- from inside of ourselves where the truth of who we are lives. Through these evenings, we are building community dedicated to connecting and deepening in the art and practice of conscious relating. Come along and practice getting more present in your relating, more available, more aware, more open to what is. Slow down and see the layers in yourself and those around you, get clear on your relationship dynamics, understand what you might be missing and how to create it. In our relating, when we allow ourselves to be seen exactly as we are, in openness, vulnerability and connected to our authenticity then we give others permission to be also. And with our hearts more open, with the need for our defences less rigid it becomes clear that love arises. This love can take many forms, and the appropriate form for each individual can naturally emerge. This shift has implications for home and family structures as well as creative partnerships and world-changing activities. When we give ourselves permission to actively choose what our relationship looks like, whether it is living alone, with one other or relating with more others we see it is about creating a framework that best supports and challenges us to grow into a more authentic Self. In the old paradigm, when things get hard, many partners feel alone with their challenges and are expected to figure it out on their own. This is hard enough, and can be even harder to do with a commitment to relating consciously. What we are missing, is a supportive community to lean into when challenges arise, and to support our commitment to relating with integrity. Graeme Sudholz and Annette Baulch have graciously offered to hold space for these evenings and share approaches and practices which support individuals and partners to reconnect with the space of Love, bring light to unconscious relationship patterns, and make choices that align with who we are. Graeme and Annette are in a longterm committed relationship. They are longtime friends of Deborah Taj Anapol, whose work inspired the creation of this Circle. They are passionate about helping people who want to deepen their relationships with themselves, their partners, their sexuality and spirituality through their work at Other great resources include Deborah's website: and her books, including The Seven Laws of Love and Polyamory for the 21st Century. *** Venue: Red Tent Yoga Studio Cost: $20 / $15 concession

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