**Connection Jam** - Movement, Connection, and Deep Play

 28 May
 Rudramandir: A Center for Spirtuality and Healing, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA, US
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 Jonathan Bender
*** Order tickets via Eventbrite: http://connectionjam.eventbrite.com?aff=efbevent *** Does sharing LOLs and Facebook statuses leave you feeling a little empty? Tired of superficial conversation... or even people acting authentic (when it doesn't really ring true)? Or, do you attend dance and movement events, where you dance next to people, but would enjoy both moving and talking? It's time for a new paradigm for connection. One that's not digital... beyond superficial banter... is not about just relating mentally from our heads... and also has healthy boundaries! Welcome to... Connection Jams. WHAT'S A CONNECTION JAM? Connection Jams are guided processes - that is, it's not just open forums where anything goes. In a safe and fun space, participants are taken through the Spiral Path of Connection - which begins with connecting with yourself... and eventually moves into interconnection. Download a free guide, Redefining Connection, that explains the 9 aspects of connection - and reframes how connection can be easier and more fulfilling. This safe container takes participants through a fun and embodied process (that is, you'll be moving around a fair amount - as well as having dialogue), that helps connecting with others become easy, fun, safe, and energizing. WHO'S IT FOR? People with bodies who breathe, and would like to enjoy being around other people more. No, seriously: it's especially appreciated by people who've done personal and/or spritual growth work, and self-development. If you enjoy embodied practices, like movement, dance and yoga, you'll dig it. (No, you do not need to be good at them! You may even be very intellectual - and yet know that your body is a helpful thing to have.) You may also desire to create community with others who are on a conscious path. Or, you may be an introvert who feels drained around others... and wish connecting would be easier and energizing. Note: while it's neither a dating nor a business event in particular, you may well make personal or professional connections...and of course make new friends. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? 1. MOVEMENT AND EMBODIMENT. The first half of the event focuses on connecting with yourself (so that you really feel like you) and connecting with others through movement, nonverbal communication, and dialogue. 2. ACTING, VOICE and IMPROV EXERCISES that are may be fun, or deep, or just different. These are largely expert tools used to enhance public speaking, self-expression, and "the Performance of Your Life (TM)." 3. DEEPENING DIALOGUE. No standard, unfulfilling banter that everyone dreads. While you by no means will be forced to talk about things you don't want to, unusual and yet fun prompts and topics will help you get to know people as 3D humans, way beyond standard "what do you do" type statements. And... • Warning: You may very well have fun. • You may walk away with new friends or people who adore who you are and what you do. • Learn new tools for connecting more fully. This might feel a little new or intense at times... just like any new growth area feels. And, it's presented in a fun, engaging way, with zero pressure - where you can always do what feels best for you. WHAT YOU WON'T FIND... • Inappropriate touch and bad boundaries... or anything resembling it. (Note: this is not Contact Improvisation... nor is it sexualized contact.) • Fake, new-agey "authenticity" (which really is just another facade). • Alcohol. Relax and be yourself without substances. BRING: A water bottle and a snack if you'll need it. Plus, wear movement/yoga/dance-type clothes you'll relax in. ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Since 1996, Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA, has coached and taught workshops to thousands, focusing on self-expression, public speaking, personal growth and "the performance of your life." The founder of WholeSpeak, LLC, he spends his time teaching how to show up in life and on stage with authenticity, power, and dynamic presence. He also trains and certifies coaches in the WholeSpeak Method. Jonathan is a professional theatre director, actor and writer; he holds an MFA in Theater: Contemporary Performance and a Master's in Performance Studies and Speech Communication. Jonathan also runs Conscious Business Bay Area. Learn more about Connection Jams at http://www.ConnectionJams.com.

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