Connection, Expression and Vision: Chakra Flow Part 2 at Islington with Tanja Mickwitz

 13 June
 The Life Centre
 1 Britannia Row - N1 8QH - London - United Kingdom
 The Life Centre
This is the second of a two part workshop exploring our relationship to the chakras through yoga practice and contemplation. The individual workshops are freestanding, so you can do either or both. Stability, Movement and Power: Chakra Flow Part 1 will be held on Saturday 9 May 2.30-4.30pm Islington. The seven main energy centres in the body are like junctions where different aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and energetic selves meet, and through moving our bodies with specific intention in asana we can affect the whole of our being. This second flow will start at the heart chakra which is the point of integration between matter and spirit, between the more material and the more subtle energetic realms of our being. The heart is the place where we grow our compassion and empathy as well as from where we reach out to connect. This connection then builds into the throat chakra for expressing ourselves, our creativity and speaking our truth. The third eye centre is where our intuition and vision lies and the seventh chakra at the crown is where we go beyond and transcend. The asana part of the practice will focus on backbends and inversions. To connect to the more subtle layers of the higher chakras the practice will include meditation and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). Open to all levels except complete beginners.

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