30 May
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 Rican Vargas
Due to the New permit rules (4 hours only on the boardwalk last summer) we have decided to move SOME of our events to "SUGAR LAND' - 1221 Bowery st , between Stillwell Ave and W.12 Street every - 4PM to 2am - Saturday starting on May 30, 2015 Every Saturday after May 30, 2015 to August 29, 2015 which will be the last event at SUGAR Land. KEEP IN MIND THESE EVENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE - ALWAYS GO TO OUR WEBSITE BEFORE COMING OUT! These events are for members only and non-members who we know - keep in mind this is not a free fall for anyone from the outside we don't know. Membership will be back in affect at our new location. KEEP IN MIND THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT SCHEDULES. WE HAVE BOARDWALK DATES & SUGAR LAND DATES. SEE WEBSITE FOR DATES! WWW.CONEYISLANDDANCERS.COM Late hours of operation 4pm to 2am (SUGAR LAND) only on SATURDAYS!!! NEW MEMBERSHIPS FEE - $30.00 RENEWAL FEE - $15.00 Members free with a valid membership every Saturday non members $5 b4 8pm - $10 after 8pm Rules and Regulations 2015 1. All Sugar Land membership cards are the property of the C.I.D. and may be confiscated and revoked at the discretion of the management. 2. Members must have their membership I.D. cards with them for admission. Without this card admittance may be denied 3. Members are allowed up to 4 guests on any Saturday. If you intend to bring more than 4 guests, it is required to call the office (347) 496 2032, and make a reservation for the extra guests. Reservations for extra guests must be made before the party begins. 4. Your guests must be at least 22 years of age. If your guest looks to be under 22 admission may be denied without proper proof of age. 5 Members found bringing a stranger into the club will have their membership card confiscated on the spot. 6 We will not accept guest names by phone. Your guests must arrive with you. If your guest is found waiting for you in front of the club or on the corner, your guest will be denied admittance that evening. Please find a suitable alternative meeting place for your guest other than the block of the club. Likewise, if your guest arrives at the door before you, admission will be denied to your guest for the remainder of the night. 7 Drug dealing of any kind will not be tolerated. Members will lose their membership status. Guests will be immediately expelled from the club. Again, members will be held accountable for the behavior of their guests. 8 No alcoholic beverages or coolers are permitted within the club. 9 Exits are to be used only once during the night. Anyone departing and wishing to return the same night will be charged a second admission. 10 Cameras, radios and recording devices are not permitted within the club. 11 Last but not least, Just like the Garage, Sugar Land is a party place. "Sleepers" GO HOME TO SLEEP! CALL FOR INFO - 347 496 2032 or 347 307 2825 MEMBERSHIPS CAN NOT BE PURCHASE ON LINE - ONLY IN PERSON - YOU MUST BE INTERVIEWED TO BECOME A MEMBER. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR INTERVIEWS!!!! OOPS!!!! MEMBERSHIP IS CLOSED UNTIL MAY 30, 2015!!!! More info go to - WWW.CONEYISLANDDANCERS.COM

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