13 June
 Chester, CT, United States
  - 06412 - -
 The Lazy Ass Ranch
This will be my first time going to this show and its a long ass drive however its in CT so if my CT people want to meet me there i'm game. Given that CT is a communist country of its own I cant bring any passengers other than inside the cab. That means I have only room for 2. If your definitely going and definitely want to ride up with me let me know and I can reserve a spot in the truck. This is an open event so invite your friends and family. My rules: -Don't send your young kids with me and expect me to watch them for you. I WILL LOSE YOUR KID! I don't babysit and anyone who would trust me watching their kids needs to have their head examined. -The consumption of alcohol in any vehicle I drive is not allowed. I have a CDL and if the cop is prick this could go down very bad for me. -Smoking is not allowed in my house or vehicles. I do stop often to stretch my legs and for those who smoke.

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