COMOX VALLEY HARDCORE REUNION: Azotobacter, Killer Campground, Pussycocks, Indie Mike, Bells & Cannons, plus CV/HC DJ Julian

 15 May
 Grantham Hall, 6040 Old Island Highway, Merville, BC
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 The Music Revolution
Because Comox Valley hardcore saved our lives. Because it taught us how to be punk for life. Because it's been way too long... Time to light that spark again and reignite this scene. Save the date. Spread the word. Be there. Featuring: Azotobacter (Victoria) - raging speed-core - ex-The Absence Killer Campground (Victoria) - weirdo indie rock with teeth - ex-Render Useless/Pressure Cooker Pussycocks (Powell River) - a new generation of pulp mill posers - ex-Return to Sender The Indie Mike Variety Show (Vancouver) - once got kicked off a tour with Fred Penner - ex-Indie Mike Bells & Cannons (Victoria) - party time, dance time - ex-Loud Mouth Mason/Ockham's Razor/Short Pants Romance/Intrepid Shapiro/etc. CV/HC jam session! DJ Julian laying down the CV/HC beats between bands! Punk rock slide show! Pre-show BBQ (bring your own grillz) in Grantham Parking lot at 6 pm sharp, show starts at 7 pm. $10 at the door. Presented by The Music Revolution.

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